The mission of the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association (DMHOA) is to promote, represent, preserve, and enhance the rights and interests of manufactured home-owners throughout the State of Delaware. Also, with the SB 33 laws in effect to further enhance our protection. We understand the precarious nature of owning a home on someone else’s land and the value of solidarity in protecting our rights, whether in an individual community or in uniting homeowners from across the country. We maintain a direct communication network among state homeowner advocacy groups and serve as your voice at the state level, with the help of several powerful partner organizations who support our mission. In addition, we are against unfair eviction or loss of homes due to closure of communities, homeowners deserve peace of mind and security in knowing they will have the opportunity to “age in place” rather than being displaced. In some respects, there is also a parallel meaning to the better-known term “homeland security” in that many of our counterparts are unfairly subjected to insidious forms of economic and psychological terrorism by community owners and managers, which can take a devastating toll on one’s health and well-being. “Equity for All” reflects our feeling that a partnership exists between homeowners and land owners in manufactured home communities and homeowners deserve to have the equity in their investments protected and to be treated equitably. This is why you need to be a voice of one with a Home Owners Association. It gives you many things to help support your rights: What does membership in your HOA do for you?

  1. Protects your most important investment, Your Home.
  2. Ensures that changes to State Code are disseminated per Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association (DMHOA)*. (It is mandated that property owners inform HOAs of impending changes that will affect the community and you financially.)
  3. Encourages home owners to take a proactive role in the community. • Improves communications between the community and the property owner.
  4. Keeps home owners up on what is going on at State level reference laws that affect their lives and finances.
  5. Keeps home owners aware what is happening within the community.
  6. HOA represents the development at the monthly DMHOA meeting.
  7. DMHOA membership strengthens our voice when speaking to state legislation and introducing legislation (laws) that affect manufactured housing.
  8. Provides dual membership with HOA and DMHOA
  9. Per DMHOA, only HOA members benefit from arbitration winnings
  10. Support from the State Community Legal Aide

 * Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association (DMHOA) is the only statewide advocacy organization in the Diamond state representing our interests reference homes on leased land.

For more information on how we can help you with your Rights; contact William “Bill” Kinnick @ 302 945 2122 or e-mail @