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$28.00 Two Year Membership

$35.00 Three Year Membership

DMHOA Non Membership Donations


Your donations, regardless of the amount, will help our organization in operating in various roles as we assist the people residing in Manufactured Home Communities (on leased land) in Delaware. Some of these duties are as follows:

  1.  Counseling those facing eviction or some other action by the Land Owners.
  2. Informing people of their rights under the law
  3. File complaints with the Attorney General’s Office
  4. Following up on these complaints
  5. Informing people of the procedures for Arbitration under the new Rent Justification law
  6. Working with Legislators to even the tilted scales when passing laws that could possibly affect those living in Land Leased Communities.
  7. Update those living in Land Leased Communities of new updates and proposed law changes via this website, social media and Monthly Meetings open to the public.