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The following information is forwarded to you from Fred Neil, the 3rd District Dover City Councilman and HOA member as information only

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From Dover City Councilman Fred Neil
To: DMHOA Members
Re: Primary Candidates
DMHOA can not endorse candidates. In the Primary Election, the following candidates indicate they favorably to the information I sent to them regarding Leased Land Home Owners.  Get your ballots in the mail as quickly as possible.

Senate District 1 Democrat: Sarah McBride                        Senate District 5 Democrat: Denise Bowers & Eric Levin

House District 26 Democrat: Madinah Wilson-Anton           House District 34 Democrat: Bob Haynes

A list of all candidates will be sent before the November election.

Subject: Get Out the Vote
From: Dover City Councilman Fred Neil aka One of You
You may know, I have been emailing candidates for the State Legislature to educate them on leased land housing from the standpoint of an elected official, It differs from the exploitation of senior and low income tenant home owners via unfair and unbalanced laws. That leaves how it hurts the home owners open for DMHOA to demonstrate.

We have the best opportunity to un-elect incumbents tied to leased land community owners by campaign contributions. Translated that means our rent money is used to keep us behind the 8 Ball.

Our home owners don’t have to go to Polls on the election day. They need to know the candidates who will support the changes in the law and mail in their ballots early.

I make it very clear, DMHOA can’t endorse, but we can inform. For candidates who support us, we need to let them know what leased land communities are in their district. If possible we need to identify an individual in that community or those who are willing to go into that community to urge them to vote and let them know if a candidate supports them.

I have been keeping Bill Kinnick informed when a candidate lets me know they are on our side. After the Primary I will renew those efforts with any candidate I have not heard from. Pete Schwartzkopf has repeatedly said, if homeowners would vote we could control our own destiny in the legislature,. I believe we will have a Blue Surge in November, but we need to help it along.

The 2020 Campaign Contributions have not been listed on the State Board of Elections Site. But the 2018 collective listing on Followthemone.org is very revealing. All Republican incumbents have been financial endowed with our rent money. Notable under the Democrats are: S Quinton Johnson; Sean Matthews; John Viola and his daughter, Andrea Bennett: Bill Bush. If you check their voting record, unless corrective Amendments are holey, we don’t get their votes.

I much prefer the Democrats in control of both Houses, but there are several Republicans with solid social backgrounds who have said they will support our legislation. I have be up front in telling them they would be bucking their own Caucus.
If you want to see the items I have been sending, email me. fredneilbooks@comcast.net

Fred          https://www.followthemoney.org/at-a-glance?y=2020&s=DE

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