William Kinnick
​Henry "Rick" Clum
Lillian Reynolds
Connie Kinnick

Appointed Members

Attorney General Liaison

Director of Fund Raising
Ron Amadio
Director of Grants
Vinny Rice
DEMHRA Liaison 
Jill Fuchs

Director of News Media
Joyce O'Neil

Director of Veteran activities

Beth McGinn 
Director of Social Media

Jerry Brainard 

Eastern Sussex County Rep

Kent County Rep

Western Sussex County Rep
Leonard Sears

Presidential Board Advisors
Mike Gray
Presidential Board Advisors
 Fred Neil
Presidential Board Advisors
Michele Gallagher

DMHOA needs officers/Board members.  There are at lease six vacant seats. If interested contact William Kinnick or a Board member.  Remember if you are a member of a HOA that is a member of DMHOA then you are a member of DMHOA also.  Requirements for Officers or Board members: Currently own or have owned a manufactured home on leased land & are a member of DMHOA. Board meets once a month & General meetings are once a month.