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Cool Branch Home Owners Association Nonperishable Food Drive - 2017

This will be a monthly event with what items are the main item(s) for donation. 
But keep in mind we will except any non-perishable

JANUARY – Canned soups and stews
FEBRUARY – Canned vegetables
MARCH – Rice and Pasta side dishes (Rice -a- Roni, Mac and Cheese, Lipton Pasta and Rice Dishes)
APRIL – Canned fruit, Jello and pudding mixes
MAY – Cereals (hot and cold), boxed milk, instant milk, evaporated milk
JUNE – Peanut Butter and Jelly
We have established drop-off points within the community.
98 Hitch Pond Circle
134 Hitch Pond Circle
813 Rum Bridge Branch Road

Find community(s) listed below and visit their website or their linked page events.


Most events are OPEN to the PUBLIC

but please contact the particular HOA for verification or if you need more details.